Do you have items in stock?

We are unable to carry stock due to the popularity of our products (we can not make them fast enough)

Do you have a showroom?

No - however by appointment we are able to show you what we are currently making in Pukekohe

Why the long wait times?

Because we strive for quality, we need to ensure all timber we use is dry and to our quality standards before assembling and painting the finished product

Why do wait times vary between products?

Some pine products are in short supply, and also arrive wet from our suppliers.  We need to give this product time to dry 

Vitex is a hard wood, that arrives dry which we are then able to process faster

Why is shipping so expensive?

Our products are big, and very heavy.  The prices on our website is what our outside carrier charges us - we make no money on the price of shipping.

Can we collect or organise our own carrier?

Yes, we welcome pickups and other carriers, however we are unable to palletise our products as we would not be able to load onto trucks (as we do not have a forkhoist)

If using other carriers we will not take any responsibility for damages made to our products whilst in transit

What is Vitex?

Vitex is a durable hardwood with a pale yellowish to creamy-grey appearance. The texture is fine and slightly lustrous with an even grain. Vitex is sourced from village-based operations in the Solomon Islands and is predominantly used throughout New Zealand as hardwood decking

Can we order directly through you rather than the website?

Yes, if you would prefer to contact us directly to place your order you are welcome too.

Are you GST registered?

Yes, we are GST registered company.  Tax Invoices can be requested